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/_uploaded_files/family-deliveries.jpgThe Company

Expert Messenger, Inc. is based in the Greater Tampa Bay area of Florida. We also operate satellite offices in West Palm Beach, Miami and Orlando.

We specialize in completing professional pharmaceutical transfers, and multi-layered corporate rush services. Our drivers are courteous, uniformed, pre-screened, licensed, bonded and insured.

The Owner

Jim Barnes is a U.S. Army Veteran, and Expert Messenger Inc. is an established Veteran-owned company. Expert Messenger Inc. is a Christian-owned and operated corporation. We pledge to provide fair, honest, and trustworthy service in a professional manner.

"We deliver your reputation--along with ours."

With more than 25-years delivering and managing expert courier services throughout the State of Florida, Jim Barnes incorporated Expert Messenger, Inc. in 2000 to accommodate the rapid growth of the dot com industry's point-to-point delivery requirements.

Dispatching more than 60-professional drivers strategically located around the Sunshine State, your pick-up is only a computerized short stop away. You can instantly track your order status by clicking on any Expert Messenger Inc. logo on this site.

Whether you need temperature-controlled deliveries and pick-ups, multi-layered rush services, replace your employee for the day, Inter-Office Deliveries, Bank Deposits, Payroll Delivery Service or secure storage space, you can be assured of having an Expert on your team!

Contact Us!

Contact Us

Expert Messenger, Inc. is available 24/7, Holidays, or evenings. Your accurate delivery can be instantly confirmed when you track your transfer on this web site.

Call us now for a price quote at (866) 343-8863 or click here to request a quote online.

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