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Expert Messenger, Inc. provides towing, pick-up and delivery services for RVs, campers, motorhomes, boats, and motorcycles. When you call our Dispatcher, he will ask exact/pertinent questions so that we can determine your exact needs--and send our best-qualified driver(s) to tow your cargo. Our drivers will furnish all the necessary equipment and tools to complete your hauling assignment. The accurate delivery of your vehicle can be instantly confirmed when you track your transfer on this web site.

We specialize in corporate auction and bank repossession towing. Please call us to establish a commercial account with Expert Messenger today!

For motorhomes and RVs, we offer Interstate round-trip pickup and delivery services--as well as connection services, if required. For extended hauls, we will fly to your vehicle location and tow it to your destination.

Expert Messenger, Inc. also provides enclosed trailers for transporting your "precious cargo," to keep your items safe from unpredictable changes in weather conditions.


Our winter months are hectic with Snowbird Deliveries. Call ahead for Expert set-up and close-down utility services--to make your Florida vacation trouble-free. Reserve your transportation needs now; we accept all major credit cards.

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Expert Messenger, Inc. is available 24/7, Holidays, or evenings. Your accurate delivery can be instantly confirmed when you track your transfer on this web site.

Call us now for a price quote at (866) 343-8863 or click here to request a quote online.

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